Kerr's Hire Helpful Hints & Safety Information

Kerr's Hire has an extensive range of equipment for hire, supplying large and small contractors as well as home renovators and the handyman.

We often get asked for helpful hints on various items of equipment and at Kerr's we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. So, below we have provided helpful hints information sheets that can be viewed online and provide inspiration when you embark on your next project.

Generators and Lighting

Information on our Generators & Lighting, sizes & specifications including real power calculations.

Earth Moving & Excavation

Information on our large range of Earth Moving equipment, including machine dimensions & helpful tips.

Floor Sanding

Gain inspiration and restore those old character floors, with hints & tips that will make your job easy.

Access & Scaffolding

Access is always a problem, in this information sheet is an access solution that will make those problems disappear.(If Access equipment is being used near power lines please read the No Go guidelines below for scaffolds & EWP's.)

Painting & Decorating

For Painting & Decorating Kerr's has got you covered. In this helpful hints sheet you will find information on Paint & Wallpaper Strippers, Electric Sanders & Spray Painting equipment.

Lawn Care

Information contained in this helpful hints sheet is everything you need to know about preparing, laying and maintaining your new lawn.

Post Hole Boreing

A large range of Post Hole Boreing equipment is available for hire at Kerr's for small and large post hole boreing jobs.

Equipment Safety Information

Kerr's Hire is committed to providing safe & reliable equipment. Below are the safety guide lines set out buy Workcover for the most of the equipment mentioned in our helpful hints information sheets.

Prevention of Falls - Ladders

Prevention of Falls Ladders is a 6 page brochure intended to illustrate practical methods of reducing the likelihood of injuries from falls, both above and below two metres. The sheet covers risk assessment, examples of acceptable ladder use, correct use, and ladder maintainance.

Safe Operation of Tower Frame Scaffolds

Information on the safe operation of tower framed scaffolds & safety guilelines involving tower framed scaffolds.

No Go Zones Power Lines - Plant & Equipment

If the worksite is near overhead electrical power lines, before any work commences, you must follow the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures.

No Go Zones Power Lines - Scaffolds

If the worksite is near overhead electrical power lines, before erecting scaffolding, you must follow the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures.